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Battledome - Battlepedia
Need to know how a particular weapon works? Or maybe you're just browsing? Get all* the info here!
*Note that not all the info is here. The Battlepedia is not responsible for rarer weapon stats. We just can't handle the pressure.

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Only one of this item can be equipped at a time.Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponentFreeze
Item can heal pet with HPHP
Item gives user somethingGive
Item either defends against a specific item, OR attacks by changing one of the opponents itemsTransform
Ranged Attack Ranged
Close Attack Close

You can either Search by the letter that the item starts with, or you can search by key words. To look up a certain item, enter the key word in the box and click the Search button. Note: Some of the items are SO rare that their descriptions can't even be found in the Battlepedia! You'll have to find out about those yourself!

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Staff of the Deep ForestStaff of the Deep Forest12,000 NP
Attack DarknessEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
This staff was just found stuck in the ground in the middle of the dark woods. Not suspicious at all!

Staff of the Earth FaerieStaff of the Earth Faerie990 NP
Attack Earth
Defence AirEarth
Ranged Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
The staff of the Earth Faerie is a special gift to loyal and kind creatures. You may use it once a turn to cast any earth spell.

Staff of UltranovaStaff of Ultranova82,500 NP
Attack GiveClose Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 99
The Staff of Ultranova is a truely powerful artifact. Every round it will create 1 or 2 Ultranovas for use in battle, and also has a lesser chance of breaking. Fragile.

Stale Candy BladeStale Candy Blade10,065 NP
Attack PhysicalAir
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 84
You knew stale candy had to be good for something...

Star BallsStar Balls8,448 NP
Attack PhysicalDarknessFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 86
These pesky little balls really hurt if you step on them...

Stealthy Nimmo BootsStealthy Nimmo Boots43,560 NP
Defence EarthWaterFireClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
These boots are specially designed for speed and stealth. Any Nimmo wearing these will be able to sneak up on an opponent.

Steaming Skeem PotionSteaming Skeem Potion11,648 NP
Attack AirWaterFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 89
This potion is made by baking the skeem and then mixing it with some other ingredients.

Steel Chomby ChestplateSteel Chomby Chestplate5,233 NP
Defence AirDarknessWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 88
Your Chomby can look great and be protected with this shiny steel chestplate.

Steel Chomby SwordSteel Chomby Sword14,948 NP
Attack LightEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
Each steel Chomby sword is hand crafted in the volcanoes of Tyrannia. This sturdy blade will teach your opponent a thing or two.

Steel Kiko HelmetSteel Kiko Helmet3,980 NP
Defence PhysicalWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 92
One size fits all (kikos only)heavy duty battle halmet.

Steel SnowballSteel Snowball243 NP
Attack PhysicalAirDarkness
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 85
Ouch! It probably isnt very nice to be hit by a snowball made of steel... One use.

Sterling GreavesSterling Greaves15,644 NP
Attack Physical
Defence PhysicalEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 85
These beautiful greaves will help keep your pet safe from harm.

Sticky Quiggle Flicky ThingSticky Quiggle Flicky Thing53,260 NP
Attack EarthWaterGive
Close Attack
Limited Use Item You may only equip one STEALING weapon.Rarity 99
This works just like a sticky hand, only it has a sticky Quiggle shape at the end.

Sticky Quiggle GloveSticky Quiggle Glove3,933 NP
Defence PhysicalEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 92
Made from a revolutionary new substance that sticks to any surface, this glove will fit ANY Quiggle.

Sticky Quiggle ShieldSticky Quiggle Shield16,899 NP
Defence PhysicalWaterFireClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
This beautiful shield is coated in a sticky layer that is extremely resistant to blows.

Sticky SnowballSticky Snowball50 NP
Attack PhysicalEarthWater
Ranged Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 100
This magical snowball can be thrown at an opponent in the Battledome. You can only use it once however, so stock up! One Use.

Stink BombStink Bomb1,776 NP
Attack AirEarth
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 81
Victory might not smell as sweet if you win by using this stinky weapon. One Use.

Stocking Full of CoalStocking Full of Coal14,873 NP
Attack PhysicalAirEarth
Defence Light
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
It looks like a harmless stocking, but the coal inside is bound to hurt!

Stone Arm ShieldStone Arm Shield1,223 NP
Defence FireClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 82
This Stone Arm Shield will help deflect some very hot attacks!

Stone Battle HelmetStone Battle Helmet2,520 NP
Defence PhysicalWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 84
Not only will this stylish helmet protect you from attacks, but it will keep your head warm.