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Battledome - Battlepedia
Need to know how a particular weapon works? Or maybe you're just browsing? Get all* the info here!
*Note that not all the info is here. The Battlepedia is not responsible for rarer weapon stats. We just can't handle the pressure.

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Only one of this item can be equipped at a time.Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponentFreeze
Item can heal pet with HPHP
Item gives user somethingGive
Item either defends against a specific item, OR attacks by changing one of the opponents itemsTransform
Ranged Attack Ranged
Close Attack Close

You can either Search by the letter that the item starts with, or you can search by key words. To look up a certain item, enter the key word in the box and click the Search button. Note: Some of the items are SO rare that their descriptions can't even be found in the Battlepedia! You'll have to find out about those yourself!

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Golden Pteri ShieldGolden Pteri Shield35,874 NP
Defence PhysicalAirEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
A beautiful, hard wearing shield with a delicate Pteri wing and egg emblem.

Golden Qasalan BootsGolden Qasalan Boots2,707 NP
Attack LightEarth
Defence Fire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 85
Guaranteed to never grow dull or tarnish no matter how much dust you trample through.

Golden Qasalan ChestpieceGolden Qasalan Chestpiece52,600 NP
Defence PhysicalLightEarthWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
Make your Neopet look like a real Qasalan warrior with this gorgeous chestpiece.

Golden Qasalan ShieldGolden Qasalan Shield23,320 NP
Defence PhysicalWaterFireClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 89
A truly beautiful shield that will serve your Neopet well.

Golden Rimmed Grarrl ShieldGolden Rimmed Grarrl Shield6,782 NP
Defence AirWaterFireClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
A double layer of gold makes this shield rather sturdy.

Golden Ruki BroochGolden Ruki Brooch33,520 NP
Attack Light
Defence DarknessWater
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
Far more than an attractive piece of jewellery.

Golden Scarab ShieldGolden Scarab Shield24,943 NP
Defence PhysicalLightWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
This ornate shield will help protect you during battle.

Golden ScorchstoneGolden Scorchstone52,365 NP
Defence AirFireClose Attack
Endless Use Item Equip One Rarity 98
This ultra rare Scorchstone will protect your Neopet from some air and fire attacks. You can only equip one of these.

Golden Shoyru Battle HelmetGolden Shoyru Battle Helmet12,752 NP
Defence PhysicalLightEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
This gleaming helm will provide superior protection to any Shoyru.

Golden SnowflakeGolden Snowflake3,468 NP
Attack PhysicalLight
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 89
So pretty, who really wants to throw this at someone! One Use.

Golden Sun ChaliceGolden Sun Chalice443 NP
Defence HPClose Attack
Limited Use Item You may only equip one HEALING weapon.Rarity 58
Loved by the Heroes of Altador, this Chalice might heal those who use it. Limited Use. Only one healing item can be equipped to your pet!

Golden Throwing ScarabsGolden Throwing Scarabs27,454 NP
Attack PhysicalLightEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
The golden colouring helps reflect the sunlight to temporarily blind your enemies as you throw these scarabs at them!

Golden Wocky BladeGolden Wocky Blade12,269 NP
Attack EarthFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 93
This sword has a very interesting blade that only Wockies can wield.

Golden Wocky HelmetGolden Wocky Helmet3,794 NP
Defence PhysicalWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
Shaped perfectly for any Wockys head, this powerful helmet will prove worth its weight in gold :)

Golden Wocky ShieldGolden Wocky Shield1,380 NP
Defence PhysicalDarknessWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 89
This solid gold shield is decorated with a Wocky motif.

Golden Wocky WandGolden Wocky Wand37,675 NP
Attack PhysicalLight
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
This powerful wand is quite hard to get hold of, but is well worth the trouble if you are a Wocky!

Good Luck AnkhGood Luck Ankh1,590 NP
Defence AirLightEarthHPClose Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 72
This Ankh shaped charm seems to bring good luck to those who wear it into battle. Limited Use.

Grand Lightning BeamGrand Lightning Beam13,200 NP
Attack PhysicalLightFire
Defence Darkness
Ranged Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 95
With the power of a raging electrical storm, this vicious beam will leave your opponents toasted.

Grape Jelly HelmetGrape Jelly Helmet20,000 NP
Defence PhysicalEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
A fantastic helmet that your Neopet can munch on if they get a bit peckish during battle...

Grape Jelly ShieldGrape Jelly Shield25,000 NP
Defence PhysicalAirEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
Almost any attack will bounce off this wobbly jelly shield.