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Battledome - Battlepedia
Need to know how a particular weapon works? Or maybe you're just browsing? Get all* the info here!
*Note that not all the info is here. The Battlepedia is not responsible for rarer weapon stats. We just can't handle the pressure.

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Only one of this item can be equipped at a time.Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponentFreeze
Item can heal pet with HPHP
Item gives user somethingGive
Item either defends against a specific item, OR attacks by changing one of the opponents itemsTransform
Ranged Attack Ranged
Close Attack Close

You can either Search by the letter that the item starts with, or you can search by key words. To look up a certain item, enter the key word in the box and click the Search button. Note: Some of the items are SO rare that their descriptions can't even be found in the Battlepedia! You'll have to find out about those yourself!

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Downsize!Downsize!2,285 NP
Defence PhysicalAirLightDarknessEarthWaterFireClose Attack
Limited Use Item Equip One Rarity 68
Temporarily shrink. You may be able to avoid attack. Limited Use. (Only one can be equipped and it can only be used once per battle)

Draik Enhancement BrewDraik Enhancement Brew23,900 NP
Attack DarknessWater
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
This potion will imbue your Draik with fighting spirit for a short period of time.

Dream OrbDream Orb15,020 NP
Defence PhysicalRanged Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 94
If you are all battled-out and cant take the abuse from your opponent any longer, use your Dream Orb to relax them and slow them down.

Dry Ice SnowballDry Ice Snowball206 NP
Attack AirWater
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 78
Ouch! Better handle this with gloves on.

Dual Batons of KatsuoDual Batons of Katsuo5,000 NP
Attack PhysicalDarknessEarthFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
These fine hardwood batons are similar to the ones Katsuo used towards the end of his training.

Dual Battle MirrorDual Battle Mirror1,882 NP
Defence LightClose Attack
Limited Use Item Equip One Rarity 86
Light Faerie getting you down? Reflect double the light attack with this handy dual battle mirror. Fragile. You can only equip one of these.

Dung MoteDung Mote970 NP
Attack AirEarthWater
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 59
This smell mote, may help your Neopet in battle, if they can bear to be around it.

Dung ShieldDung Shield297 NP
Defence AirLightEarthClose Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 64
If your pet can stand the stench, this shield will serve your Neopet well. Fragile.

Dung SnowflakeDung Snowflake25,680 NP
Attack EarthWater
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 99
Eww.. imagine this nasty thing falling from the sky! One Use.

Dust MoteDust Mote335 NP
Attack LightDarknessEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 76
Live in filth? Use this dusty mote to stir up a blinding cloud of dust!

Dusty Magic BroomDusty Magic Broom30,000 NP
Attack AirEarth
Defence Light
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
This is no ordinary dusty broom... its magical!

DwoobaphoneDwoobaphone1,045 NP
Attack AirLight
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
So named for the very bizarre sound it makes when you fire it.