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Battledome - Battlepedia
Need to know how a particular weapon works? Or maybe you're just browsing? Get all* the info here!
*Note that not all the info is here. The Battlepedia is not responsible for rarer weapon stats. We just can't handle the pressure.

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Only one of this item can be equipped at a time.Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponentFreeze
Item can heal pet with HPHP
Item gives user somethingGive
Item either defends against a specific item, OR attacks by changing one of the opponents itemsTransform
Ranged Attack Ranged
Close Attack Close

You can either Search by the letter that the item starts with, or you can search by key words. To look up a certain item, enter the key word in the box and click the Search button. Note: Some of the items are SO rare that their descriptions can't even be found in the Battlepedia! You'll have to find out about those yourself!

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Archers TunicArchers Tunic14,762 NP
Defence AirLightDarknessEarthWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
A handy tunic that is perfect for an archer of any level!

Arm ShieldArm Shield500 NP
Defence PhysicalAirEarthClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 56
Arm yourself with these strong, low-density, highly corrosive-resistant metallic shields that can protect you from the most powerful blast.

Armoured Ruki BowArmoured Ruki Bow2,500 NP
Attack AirEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 92
This chunky bow can only be wielded by Rukis (mainly as it is so heavy to pull back the string).

Ash MoteAsh Mote266 NP
Attack Darkness
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 71
Dont get burnt, the magical mote can help you in your battles.

Asparagus Powered Ray GunAsparagus Powered Ray Gun6,729 NP
Attack LightFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 90
BZZZAAAP your opponents into pieces with this amazing gun! It really runs on asparagus!

AsparatwigsAsparatwigs152 NP
Attack AirEarth
Defence Physical
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 71
Some inhabitants of Meridell believe that Asparatwigs are magical, most think they are handy projectiles though...

Assassins TunicAssassins Tunic10,939 NP
Defence DarknessClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 90
This Tunic will defend your Neopet against minor darkness spells.

Astral Blade of The Space StationAstral Blade of The Space Station33,200 NP
Attack PhysicalDarkness
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 95
This powerful blade was forged deep in the hidden passages of the Space Station. It will protect you against many enemies.

Auto Targeting TelescopeAuto Targeting Telescope335 NP
Attack PhysicalFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 70
Put this telescope on the ground and it will automatically detect any movement around you, then blast it!

Autumn Leaves SnowballAutumn Leaves Snowball7,200 NP
Attack EarthWater
Close Attack
Limited Use ItemRarity 92
Ouch! Those frozen leaves hurt.