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Battledome - Battlepedia
Need to know how a particular weapon works? Or maybe you're just browsing? Get all* the info here!
*Note that not all the info is here. The Battlepedia is not responsible for rarer weapon stats. We just can't handle the pressure.

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Only one of this item can be equipped at a time.Equip One
Item can Freeze the opponentFreeze
Item can heal pet with HPHP
Item gives user somethingGive
Item either defends against a specific item, OR attacks by changing one of the opponents itemsTransform
Ranged Attack Ranged
Close Attack Close

You can either Search by the letter that the item starts with, or you can search by key words. To look up a certain item, enter the key word in the box and click the Search button. Note: Some of the items are SO rare that their descriptions can't even be found in the Battlepedia! You'll have to find out about those yourself!

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Altadorian Body ArmourAltadorian Body Armour45,230 NP
Defence PhysicalAirWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
No one will doubt that you are a master of fighting in this body armour.

Altadorian Crest BucklerAltadorian Crest Buckler22,574 NP
Defence PhysicalDarknessWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 99
This buckler is small enough to fit over your arm but should be pretty effective at blocking your enemies attacks.

Altadorian HalberdAltadorian Halberd18,433 NP
Attack PhysicalAirLightFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 97
Halberds are known for their long reach, which is handy if you dont like getting too close to your opponents.

Altadorian Initiate SwordAltadorian Initiate Sword164 NP
Attack PhysicalEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 65
This beautiful sword will help to keep your pet out of danger.

Altadorian Leather ArmourAltadorian Leather Armour7,800 NP
Defence LightEarthWaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
Now you can fight for Altador with this fine armour!

Altadorian Practice HelmetAltadorian Practice Helmet215 NP
Defence PhysicalAirLightClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 65
Not as fancy as the battle helmet, but this helmet will still protect you.

Altadorian SwordbreakerAltadorian Swordbreaker8,933 NP
Attack Earth
Defence Physical
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 94
This parrying dagger from Altador should be quite a challenge to your opponent.

Altadorian Throwing AxeAltadorian Throwing Axe37,300 NP
Attack PhysicalDarknessFire
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 94
Keep your distance, or fight up close, it doesnt matter with this throwing axe.

Amber SwordAmber Sword23,500 NP
Attack PhysicalLight
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 93
Cut and polished with great skill and much time, this brilliant amber blade is as deadly as it is beautiful.

Amethyst Acara MedallionAmethyst Acara Medallion5,320 NP
Attack Earth
Defence Earth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
Never underestimate the magical powers of Amethyst...

Amulet of AltadorAmulet of Altador8,624 NP
Attack AirLight
Defence DarknessEarthWater
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
The Amulet of Altador gets its power from the sun itself!

Amulet of ChaosAmulet of Chaos11,660 NP
Defence FreezeHPClose Attack
Limited Use Item You may only equip one FREEZE weapon.Rarity 98
This is a powerful stone from troubled times. It may help you win or cost you the match... will you take the risk? This item can only be used once, so be careful! You can only have one freeze item equipped to a pet!

Amulet of DarknessAmulet of Darkness1,770 NP
Defence LightClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 94
Said to once be worn by the great dark faerie herself, if you wear this you will be immune to light attacks.

Amulet of FireAmulet of Fire708 NP
Defence WaterClose Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 80
This magical protects the wearer from water damage.

Amulet of Inevitable BetrayalAmulet of Inevitable Betrayal49,500 NP
Attack AirDarknessWater
Defence Light
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
Its laugh is an evil laugh!

Amulet of LifeAmulet of Life2,307 NP
Defence AirHPClose Attack
Limited Use Item You may only equip one HEALING weapon.Rarity 89
Using this amulet will restore your pet to full hit points. One Use. Only one healing item can be equipped to your pet!

Amulet of Lost SoulsAmulet of Lost Souls53,687 NP
Attack Darkness
Defence LightEarth
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 98
This amulet is very powerful!

Amulet of PieAmulet of Pie8,000 NP
Attack LightEarthWater
Close Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
It is magical pie, we cannot deny.

Amulet of ReflectionAmulet of Reflection816 NP
Defence DarknessFireClose Attack
Limited Use Item Equip One Rarity 85
When you wear this charm it will reflect back some of the darker magic that is aimed at you. One Use. You can only equip one of these.

Amulet of the Dark FaerieAmulet of the Dark Faerie660 NP
Attack Darkness
Defence LightDarkness
Ranged Attack
Endless Use ItemRarity 96
This gem of true evil is extremely powerful. Only loyal minions of the dark one may be blessed with its powers.