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Grundo Day Special

A Grundo's Tale
by stummpz78

The red and yellow Grundo 
Presses her hand to the glass
Staring out the station window 
At the planets that spin past 
She sighs and sets her sights
On a star, far away
Dreaming of a life there,
An owner to take her someday
The Space Adoption Agency is silent 
The station’s klaxons no longer blare
And the Grundo can’t help thinking 
That no one out there cares 
She gazes at the twinkling stars 
The worlds she’ll never explore 
When, suddenly, she hears a whoosh of air 
From the space station’s front door
“Excuse me, are you alone?” 
A young voice from the doorway chimes
The Grundo turns and sees a girl
Illuminated in the starlight
“I would love to adopt you! 
If you think that’s okay?” 
An owner! The Grundo beams like never before
Her eyes no longer grey
And as they walk hand in hand
Out the space station door
The brilliant stars behind them begin to shine 
Even more

Grundo Stix
by indulgences

Good grief, this item scares me so.
It’s made of Grundo ears.
It’s hued with classic Grundo green,
And fills me with such fears.

What Grundo had to lose his life
To make this grisly meal?
It’s morbid, ghastly, shocking stuff.
It makes me sob and squeal.

I wonder whether anyone
Has bought this for their pet.
I wonder how this item tastes.
It fills me with regret.

For now, I keep my NP close
And do not buy this food.
I find this item hideous.
I find it base and crude!

by trixietrotter

Stars shine in her eyes,
A nebula swirls in her hair,
The galaxy beats in her heart,
She breathes where there is no air,
She studies the galaxy and charts her course,
Even when she journeys down to a land with gravity,
She remembers, she knows, 
Her true home is with the Grundos.

Grundo Independence Day
by she_chose_love

Many years ago,
the life a Grundo was no fun.
It was full of gloom and sadness,
a darkness consumed each and every one.

Dr Sloth had reign over the Grundos,
he made them do his evil deeds.
Grundos had to do everything they were told,
and ignore their own needs.

Then something amazing happened,
and Dr. Sloths reign on the Grundos was done.
The Grundos were free at last,
and their days became full of fun.

Now every year,
on this very special day.
Grundos celebrate their independence,
in each and every way.

Because of all they've been through,
Grundos are very generous on this day.
So if you are lucky and cross paths with one,
they may gift you with something special, yay!

Happy Grundo Independence Day!

Grundo Day Delights
by fourin

A Grundo is a hardworking fellow,
No matter their size or form,
Woodland, Faerie, Mutant and Mallow,
You see these are quite the norm.

These alien pets from across the stars,
Have quite a particular taste.
Every Grundo both near and far,
Loves hovering snacks and food paste.

While their intellect doesn't usually dazzle,
You will find that Grundos can boast,
Programming, teamwork and space travel,
These they proudly know the most.

To get your very own Grundo bro,
Adopt them at a certain station.
A spaceship you might need to borrow,
For Virtupets is your destination.

If you happen to visit Kreludor:
Neopia's very own satellite,
There's Cafe Kreludor, Booktastic Bookstore,
And the Grundos here are fun and polite.

So come and join us in celebration,
Of these extraterrestrial mates,
Grundos from every planet and nation,
Share their cake on floating plates.

A Grundo (almost) sonnet
by mimiweasley

Deep down in the space,
Where the stars meet Kreludor,
A little creature with a smile on its face,
Shows up, it’s a Grundo!

They are lovely and very kind,
And are never alone.
They are very easy to find,
There’s nowhere they don’t know!

Even after being in prision,
They kept their mankind,
And are now treated with respect.

Showing up as a lovely vision,
Leaving Dr. Sloth’s plans behind,
Just good things must you expect.

The Grundos of Kreludor
by tarak06062000

Neopian, remember this
the next time you stargaze!
There is one thing you can't dismiss:
the best things come from space.

May I introduce you to wonders galore
and perhaps give you a tour at that?
For we are who you'll surely adore,
and Kreludor is where the fun's at.

Yes, indeed, that is your moon
and a beautiful one it is too.
You should come and visit us soon;
there's so much you can do!

Admittedly, that's not a full truth,
most of our home is still rather bland.
But comparing it to the moon of my youth,
Kreludor will surely still expand!

Now, let me take you around for a bit,
and see all things there are to see.
Maybe you'd like to wait here and sit?
I'll get you a Neocola - or three!

It seems the machine doesn't work too well
but, we all have our bad days, right?
Then let's see where a meteor fell
right there, it's still glowing bright!

Now here's my favorite little trick,
one that might sound rather weird.
What you'll do is take a stick -
oh, seems it already disappeared?

Then, we'll see what's at the mine
if we can get in, at least?
Oh, no, it's still that same old sign,
and that fearsome metallic beast.

But I still have a perfect plan,
one that'll certainly please you!
Let's check out the cafe - I'm a big fan -
and enjoy some fresh Sentient Stew!

Most importantly, though, look around,
and see the best thing you'll find here!
As we Grundos are abound,
don't you think we're rather dear?

So, what'd you think of my little tour?
It's a shame it has to end.
But one important thing, that is sure,
us Grundos are your friend!

A Grundo's Getaway
by tsuki_the_noodle

I am a Grundo, oh so clever!
Through the galaxy I endeavor
On a voyage to find some treasure
I'm a space pirate, don't fear no weather!

You see before, my life was a bore -
I couldn't stand it on Kreludor!
My eventless life left me wanting more
So I hopped in a rocket, and to the stars I soared!

Way up here in the atmosphere
I see the dream, it's crystal clear!
A brave space pirate, without fear
That's me, I'll own it when you boo and jeer!

And now life is great, good-bye, Frank J!
I won't waste any time being cliché,
I won't make a speech about how I'll never obey,
I'll just set off on my own holiday!

The Grundo Who Sells Such Amazing Tales
by _brainchild_

If you seek an awesome book,
A certain Grundo sells
Some tomes anew. You'll have to look—
They're sure to treat you well!

Bernard the Grundo of Kreludor
Sells Booktastic Books. No bore
Could ever come from epic tales
Which shall result in many sales!

"Constellation Spotting" will
Teach all pets about the thrill
Of stars surpassing mortal grasp.
The memories will surely last!

"Secrets of the Universe"
Ensures that you will be the first
Of all to hear such mystic legends.
You will love them to no end!

I thank Bernard for selling tomes
That I can learn from while at home.
When weather turns to gloom, I read
His books. None best them, I concede.

Recall the Grundo Heroes
by fleurdust

Long ago, in days of old,
On Kreludor, desolate and cold,
In the midst of frenzied war,
Where no-one will go anymore.
There, the mines run dark and deep,
Now nought but dreams and shadows sleep,
In winding halls of freezing stone,
Where Zarex made his stand, alone.

He stood tall and proud, Zarex,
Deep down in the Mine Complex.
Eyes alert, blaster in hand,
The solitary soldier made his stand,
Battling swarms of deadly machines, 
To win the day, by any means.

He withstood the mighty horde.
Derelict passages, all explored,
To kindle hope for Grundo-kind,
He battled on within the mine.
In 13-A, he made his stand,
And victory, at last, at hand,
Though risking death, he struggled on,
Until the fight at last was won.

On Kreludor, desolate and cold,
We recall the days of old,
When Grundo heroes made their name,
And lit the moon with brightest flame,
To drive back the machines of war.
We all remember, evermore.

The Grundo Leader
by _interrupted_

There is a naughty Grundo, 
Who likes to make an attack. 
He creeps up quietly. 
Stalking you behind your back. 
He picks on those who have items, 
Bulging from their pocket. 
So, keep your treasure hidden, 
As the Grundo leader can be as quick as a rocket. 
He steals your favorite book! 
The one you were just about to read, 
You can't believe it's just been took. 
He swipes your favorite treat! 
A candy bar you've been saving, 
For when you want something sweet. 
He steals just about anything! 
So, hide your items well, a gallery will do great. 
A place to show off your riches, without the chance of Grundos almighty sting.

Adopt a Grundo
by dr_tomoe

It's been many years
since the Grundo were freed
from the horrors of working
under Sloth's evil and monotony.

There were millions of Grundos
who had to be set free
due to generous Neopians
and the Space Faerie

With Sloths Army crushed
And new lives to start out
The Grundo's needed adopting
of this, there was no doubt.

So in the Space Station
any user can go
up to the reception
and adopt a Grundo.

They can come in all
various different colors
The space theme of their hues
can invoke a sense of wonder.

Seven in total, from
Red to Brown to White
to purple Grundo's
with their spots lighting the night

And other unique shades
are just a paint brush away
From the orange of Kruledor
to the sad shades of grey.

With so many kind Neopians
giving the Grundo's a home
they'll never been forced
to wander all alone.

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