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Kiko Day Special

Kiko Explorer Plushie
by indulgences

Eyes so wide and wondering,
Eager for new sights.
Hands are free from water's tide,
Ready for great heights.

Backpack filled with errant things,
Ready for what comes.
Mouth is stretched into a smile,
Full of happy hums.

Plaster fixed upon the head,
Strong in any breeze.
Tough enough to withstand storms,
Blizzards, gales, with ease.

Kiko ready to explore
All the great outdoors.
Lovely trekker ready to
Swim, or climb, or soar.

Kiko Plushie that explores,
You are quite a dear.
Ready to explore the wilds,
Full of joy and cheer.

Kiko Lake Joy
by lnrae_

On a bright and sunny day,
Kiko Lake's the place to be.
With friendly dwellers to be met
how could one not be happy?

On this day, Kikos gather
inside their humble homes
They spend the day together,
nobody spends it alone!

They play endless rounds
of Kiko Pop
and munch on yummy treats
that, unlike Niten Hiroru,
happen to be mostly sweet.

Other Kikos opt to swim in
The famed waters of their town
As they know, the waters in Kiko Lake
are the coolest all around!

Most of these 'Pets
may be encountered
in their own land (err, lake?)
but this Kiko Day,
greet the you see -
 the nicest ones
might give you cake!

Kiko Match
by lefaii

What better way to spend my days
Than matching Kikos on Kiko Day

I flip a card and hope for a match
All the Kikos I must catch
Some with bruises, some with spots
Maybe there's even one with dots!

Playing all day, into the night
Wanting to win with all my might,
A giant jackpot to make me sing
Soon I'll be able to buy everything!

But if I mess up, I must try some more
Practice and practice to raise my score
Memorizing and matching all day long
Working my brain until it is sore

And when I flip over that last card
As the levels get almost too hard
I'll rejoice and cheer when I see
A match of pink Kikos staring at me!

Under the Lake
by suixx

What better vacation to take,
than coming down to Kiko Lake?
The celebrations are underway,
everyone’s excited for Kiko Day!

So grab your Twirly Fruit Kiko Candy Floss,
Swim in the lake with coral and moss,
Throw a dart with Elvin at Kiko Pop,
Then stop by at the furniture shop.

Participate in a tubular race,
Try to keep up with Kavi’s pace,
Play Pakiko to help clean out the lake,
Then enjoy some Kiko Day cake.

Ride the glass bottom boat to see down below,
Smile and wave and take a photo,
Talk to the locals about Altador Cup,
(They’re still so excited, they’ll probably bring it up.)

Try your hand at Kiko match,
To beat the high score you’ll have to be fast,
Rent a snorkel and swim down,
and visit the underwater Kiko town.

It’s nearly the end of Kiko Day,
We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay!
Now it’s time to relax in the sand,
And find yourself with a new favourite land.

The Kiko Story ~ Happy Kiko Day!
by 9boogirl9

Kikos, kikos. We're so amazing.
We leave all of Neopia dazing.
Why, you ask? 
We magically fly. 
And we can really change your mind.

About what, you ask?
About some magical flask?
No, about how we look.
Our fashion statements are in no book!

Our signature bandages, reveal long ago,
When there was a monster, living in the snow.
They called him the Snowager, a scary thing,
And he really loves his bling.

We try to take some some, but no!
We're just bopped right out of the snow.
And now we're bandaged to this day, 
The price of... Fashion, we must pay.

And for our little tuft of hair,
Well, we take it everywhere.
Through here, through there,
Yup, I said it, everywhere.

And for our gloved white hands,
Or... are those claws?
Uhm, nope, they have no flaws.
We use them daily, this way and that,
But down a single Kiko sat.

It was I, the Kiko of stories,
Who told you all about these glories.
And before I leave, I've a single thing to say,
And that thing is "Happy Kiko Day."

Happy Kiko Day!

The Charismatic Kiko
by elmomax

The charismatic Kiko is a jolly little thing
While playing in the lake all day, he'll wave his arms and sing
A day that's full of ocean tours and great glass-bottom boats
Would fill up any Neopet with happiness and hope!

Though lacking legs, they get around by floating through the air
Munching on a candy stick, relaxed without a care
They wear a smile, one long hair, a plaster on their head
And come in colors such as Clay, Chokato, Striped and Red!

The charismatic Kiko is a pet you can't forget,
At Kiko Lake's warm beaches, diving in and getting wet
From racing Kavi, Meela Kitah, Elvin and his darts,
The Kiko is a Neopet that's won over our hearts!

How Do Kikos Get About?
by butterflybandage

I have a problem here
And I really need to talk
There's something we need to discuss
How do Kikos walk?

Perhaps they can fly
Or maybe float about
Maybe they can teleport!
(Although that I highly doubt)

Do you think they have powers
Stored away in that bandage?
Or do you think certain foods help
Like a magical sandwich?

Kikos look so innocent
But they know more than us
And I have my suspicions
It's us they don't trust!

they could get rides from friends
Or swim so they don't get hurt
But what if they're on land?
You can't swim in the Lost Desert!

Do they use their arms as wings
Or even as boat paddles?
They must have some agility
So they can dominate in battles!

Regardless, Kikos are real great
So let's give them a shout
I'm just still so curious
How those Kikos get about!

Team Kiko Lake!
by kiwigoddesskimmie

Four determined kikos
plus a goalkeeping peophin
make up the great team Kiko Lake
who twice proved they could win

Although once left due to injury
Holbie Pinnock came back to play
he onced worked at an antique shop
to help his team pave the way

Ditan Colb, the disco dude
once used to be keeper of goals
but he realized he's a better defender
and improved his team by switching roles

"Poke" Cellers is a brown kiko
who delivered groceries door-to-door
to help fund his team in the beginning
and now he's captain of the other four

Meela Kitah used to sell newspapers
before the pink kiko joined the team
he switched from defender to forward
and now he's playing like a dream

Erli Quinnock is Kiko Lake's goalie now
but played for Brightvale when he started
the purple peophin didn't succeed with them
but improved much since he departed!

A Game of Kiko Pop
by panda_girl555

If you’re celebrating Kiko Day
Strolling by the shores of Kiko Lake
Between the boat tours and merriment
Why don’t you play a game and take a break?

The host’s name is Elvin
And his game is Kiko Pop
If you’ve got a steady hand
It’s definitely worth a stop

The premise is quite simple
You don’t need much to play this game
Just try to pop a spinning balloon
Grab a dart and take aim

If you manage to pop one
You may win something rare
Maybe a hefty tome or cuddly plush
If you’re really lucky, an avatar to add some flair

If, like many, you’re unsuccessful
You’ll have to grit your teeth and call it a day
According to Elvin, there’s a limit
And you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to play

Whenever you’re visiting Kiko Lake
Make sure to see Elvin and take a spin
For a game of chance, it’s a lot of fun
And you never know what you could win!

Congrats to Kikos
by dr_tomoe

Another Altador Cup has ended
and the victor we now know
so congrats to the champs
the victorious Kikos!

Yes, Kiko Lake has won
and did so quite handily
with the ingenious strategy
and skill for victory.

They were able to go
the distance and blow for blow
no one could hold up to the
might of the Kiko

The quartet of Kiko players
were covering the field to see
so much so that they practically
didn't need a goalie.

So congrats to the Kikos
atop the podium once more
and until next year
we'll see if they can keep up the score.

The Friendly Kiko
by rosebud1896

My Kiko is Yellow and friendly to all
She likes to buy things from the NC Mall
 Wherever she goes there are friends to be made
And sights to be seen and games to be played
  My Kiko is fun to be around
Though sometimes she can hardly make a sound
  Her friends all say that she is great
Though sometimes my Kiko can be somewhat Late
  When night falls and playtime is done
My Kiko doesn't want to give up on her fun
  But, soon she goes to sleep with a smile
Because my Kiko knows she'll see her friends in awhile

A Kiko Day Tale
by fullonparanoid

Did you ever hear of the nearly drowned Kiko?
He was running the rapids when his raft sprung a leak (doh!)
He was lucky the beach
Was well within reach
The rest of the tale is rather bleak, though

He reached the shore in good form
All in one piece and free from all harm
Clinging to land
Pants full of sand
He eyed an ominous incoming storm

Escaping one pickle and now in another
His soggy adventure was far from over
Thunder and lightning galore
The storm was lashing the shore
He headed inland seeking more cover

He soon came upon a dark cave
Kiko's are not known for being brave
While testing the air
He startled a bear
He escaped but it was a close shave

Now stuck in the wet and the cold
Having sandy wet pants was getting old
He cried out his plea
Someone please rescue me!
(obviously they did, his story's being told)

It was a friendly Gelert who found him
It turns out there were homes all around them
From he stood
You could see the neighborhood
Built close to the shore so they could swim

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