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Neopets Poems

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Kougra Day Special!

Kougra Day Celebrations
by _interrupted_

Prowling the forests of Mystery Island, 

Is a species we hold dear. 

A medium sized Neopet with huge paws, 

But not one we have to fear. 


With a soft, velvet like body, 

Perfect to the touch. 

Kougras give the best hugs, 

We love them so much. 


They love to snarl and have fun, 

Roaming in packs they like to pounce. 

Rolling around playing with friends, 

Laughter with every bounce. 


And when their tummies rumble, 

Louder than their roar. 

They scramble looking for plump fruits, 

From the tress and the forest floor. 


So today we celebrate Kougra day, 

For this species make the best of friends. 

Telling stories and singing songs, 

Until the day ends.

Adorable Yellow Kougra Kite
by geneames1

Adorable Yellow Kougra Kite
soaring way up high
like a Flying Tiger
prowling through the sky

Tugging on my kite string
trying to break free
challenging restraints
that bind you close to me

I wish that I could let you go
to sail among the clouds
terrorizing flocks of birds
and striking fear in crowds

Alas, you must remain here
tethered to my hand
and rule the sky as master
until you're forced to land

Kougra Kraze
by uncatena

Hats off to the Kougras of Neopia!
Curiouser and curiouser, these Kougras are cats.
Giant paws and larger leaps,
Kougras are as wild as they can be!

Coming from the sunny island of Mystery,
These tigers love to play! 
If it's beach volleyball or coconut bowling,
You know they'll do it with glee. 

Their favourite foods are juicy fruits,
Bomberries or Sardplants and even Gelpeppers,
Kougras can't stay away from exotic foods.
A kougra's appetite as almost as big as its paws!

So three cheers and a hat toss 
To one of the best Neopets in the world. 
May today be a blessed day for the Kougra,
Hip hip hurray!

Rorru and the Haikus
by espressoself

Deep on the island
There awaits a green Kougra
Each day, a new poem.

They don't make much sense,
Mysteries of poetry.
Rorru writes haikus.

Visit her enough,
And you will be rewarded
With an avatar.

But the real reward,
Is hidden throughout her poems --
Pieces of wisdom.

She speaks only truth 
Truths of Mystery Island,
And Neopia.

Every day a new
Haiku is written by her.
The words never end.

How did she get there?
The island and her are one.
No one is quite sure.

At first you may be
Confused by the strange rhythm,
But listen, listen.

Yes, listen closely
To what Rorru has to say.
Her poems are an art.

The Legend of the Maraquan Kougra
by guddi6

Far from the depth of kingdom's heart
Where Maraqua's wreckage lies,
A creature glides through the palace ruins
Where what once lived has died.
Pillar and stone crumble to dust
Where seaweed grows so thick
Amidst the viridian of algae and fern
She whirls fleet-footed, quick.

She dances in a blur of green
And lilac hues with grace,
Translucent fins beat water past
As sunlit eyes race.
A pectoral crown upon her head
And amaranthine streaks she bears
She meanders through the watery haze
A soul so bright and rare.

Amidst the debris, a shining light
Adventurous and free,
She breaks against the tidal rush
To hunt the secrets of the sea.
Should you chance to journey down
To see what once had been,
You'll find her singing through the waves,
The dark's oceanic queen.

Prowl of the Robot Kougra
by anjie

A robot moves, a metal light,
So shifts the Kougra in the night.

Whirring, clinking, joints in place,
The creature’s eyes do glow.
Lit with frenzied, vivid green,
Each motion rhythmic, slow.

A robot moves, a metal light,
Sleek the structured form, alight.

A clicking sound, a tiny whirr,
The prowling beast now shifts.
Mechanical, and so precise,
Now from the ground, it lifts.

A robot moves, a metal light,
Like laser beams, the locked-in sight.

Metal motions so in sync,
As Kougra sets to prowl.
Lifting hear back to the stars,
A steam-filled hiss, a growl.

A robot moves, a metal light,
Steel incisors, silver bite.

He moves like music in the dark,
A sheen of crimson red.
Metal claws do plough the ground,
Where Kougra’s claws do tread.

The Kougras Meow
by gidgetta

What a day to be alive, 
When every feline comes and cries 
It's the day we await each year
Kougra day, it's finally here. 

Kougras come in colors galore
But what's one or two or three more
What this year are you awaiting? 
Toy, or origami maybe? 

Come on this day and snag a few
Maybe more if it suits you. 
Hopefully they give more slots, 
because collecting kougras I cannot stop.

As the day starts to close, 
I hope all of neopia knows, 
the one day we've all been looking for
Kougra day, we all roar.

Take your kougras kiss their heads,
tuck them softly into bed.
Make sure each one near or far,
knows just how loved they each are. 

And if you miss the day this year, 
please don't fret or shed a tear. 
Next year you shall be prepared for, 
Kougra day, wiht kougras galore!!

Celebrating Famous Kougras
by painted_dreams87

Today is a very special day indeed.
It's a time to celebrate a species we love.
Discovered way back in Year Two,
Kougras are a part of Neopets through and through.

As we pause to honor each and every one,
let us not forget those we all adore.
A few Kougras have become famous over time,
some for good reason and others for crime.

Commander Gormos is infamous around Neopia.
With his tall Shadowy stature, he stands out in a crowd.
A loyal servant of Dr. Sloth, Gormos was
until an accident left him receiving applause.

If you ever find yourself in Shenkuu,
be sure to stop by and visit Linae.
Ask her to play Kou-Jong if she's around.
She will surely be up for playing a round.

Adventure into uncharted territory,
and you just may come across Jake the Explorer.
Climb vines, hop, and explore caves for pleasure.
You never know. You just mind discover treasure.

Jordie the Kougra Laments Tunnel Tumble
by _brainchild_

Tunnel Tumble, full of stress,
Is difficult, I must confess.
I try to dodge the lava lumps,
But end up falling with a thump.

Moltara, oh so hot, can't be
A benefit to cats like me.
A Kougra's fur can't stand the heat!
My mere survival is a feat.

The rocks come at me, oh so fast.
I try my very best to last,
But I'm soon smacked right in the head.
I should go home and jump in bed!

Alas, I burn each time I fall.
Why am I even here at all?
It's time to get up and go home.
This pit is one I just won't roam.

Species 37
by ohgodkillit

Species of number thirty-seven,
Create one or two or even eleven!
Graceful aire, but mighty brawn;
It's one Neopet who doesn't lack backbone.

Kougras may be four-legged,
But they don't let that cloud their head.
Their furry hides covered in stripes,
And vivid scotopia to see at night.

Enormous paws for catching prey,
And perceptive ears help guide their way.
Let's not forget their jagged teeth,
Their jaws acting as a weapon sheath!

If you find yourself in Mystery Island,
Keep a close eye out for one of these diamonds.
While this is a specie one should not entice,
Befriending a Kougra can make life nice!

Haiku for You
by trubiekatie

It is Kougra Day.
Let us go to the island
To seek out her rhymes.

Sitting still right now
In the center of it all.
Rorru is famous.

People come each day
To hear out her famous words.
A daily haiku.

She speaks of fortune.
And sometimes just plain bad luck.
Her poetry calms.

Rorru just smiles back.
Do you want the avatar?
Too bad – not this time.

Come back tomorrow.
You can try your luck again.
Rorru will be here.

The Selfless Kougra
by chessy_noodle

There once was a Kougra with fur so white 
He’d awake with a roar and sleep all through the night
If others approached him he’d never put up a fight
He’d simply smile and say “Hey I don’t bite”

He had huge ears that fit him just right
His tail was striped and as long as a kite
Had eyes like stars that shined so bright
And you’d always see him smile with all of his might

His favorite thing to do was walk in the moonlight
But never in winter for the risk of frostbite
In winter he’d ski down Terror Mountain at the speed of light
And in summer he’d watch fireworks explode like dynamite 

He’d always visit the Giant Omelette to fill his mighty appetite
Would say please and thank you to be polite
But everyday he’d wait and sit tight 
For he wanted to ensure everyone got a bite

One day a year he’d stay up until midnight
He just couldn’t sleep with his favorite day in sight
His Birthday? Oh no, but still appointed by birthright
It was Kougra Day that brought him the greatest delight
This Kougra was selfless and could not wait to share the spotlight

Kougra of the Jungle
by mewemy

Majestic Kougra king of the jungle.
Majestic Kougra with a heart of thunder.

This brave pet shall be honored today.
For each of these sly felines, I have something to say.

Fast as the wind, fast as lightning. 
The majestic Kougra can be quite frightening. 

Adorned with stripes on his back and a tail to match. 
Nothing can compare to the beauty in these pets.  

Look into his eyes and tell me, what do you see? 
The king of the jungle staring back at me.

by libbylulu123456

Tiny little Kougra, lost, lonely, gone. Waiting for a soul to save her from an empty song. Many years flow by on the backpack of time and her petpet just keeps aging infinitely like a dime. 

Owner is gone and where could they be? Lost in the deserted tomb forever trying to flee? Uncovering life’s mysteries with the haunted woods brain tree? Or up on terror mountain learning how to ski?

The answer you may never find, it’s hard to comprehend. Rounding a world unknown to you that never seems to end. Ten years seems so long to be trapped in a digital house, but your savior does come back, wielding nothing but a mouse.

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