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The Tuskaninny Sailor
This old sea-salt knows a little something about sailing the five seas of Neopia! Now you can draw the Tuskaninny Sailor in just 19 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the top of the Tuskaninny's head. Then, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines where you want his face to go. These lines will help you place the sailor's facial features later on.

Next, draw the Tuskaninny's snout. Don't forget to add some curving lines for his mouth.

Just above his snout, give the Tuskaninny Sailor a pair of glaring eyes.

Now that you have most of his facial features in place, you can erase the guidelines. Next, finish drawing the Tuskaninny's mouth, which is open. Then, give some more shape to his snout as well.