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"Trapper" Remis
This green Poogle is the Team Captain of Altador's Yooyuball squad, as well as its Centre Defender. He's well known for his defensive abilities, and his speed on the field is rarely matched by that of his opponents. Luckily, he's slowed down long enough to pose for a How to Draw picture, so why not create your very own portrait of this famous Neopian athlete?

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for Trapper's head.Then, make an "S"-shaped line that begins on the left side of the head circle. This line will serve as a guide when you're drawing the Poogle's body.

Next, make a large oval that overlaps the head circle for Trapper's body.

It's now time to work on Remis's arms and legs. First, make four small ovals for his hands and feet. Then, connect the ovals you made for Trapper's hands to his body using two pairs of curved lines. Finally, make the upper part of the Poogle's left leg (the one on the bottom) by drawing a curved line between his body and his left foot.

Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on Trapper's head and another pair on his body. These lines will be guides for placing his facial features and adding more detail to his body.