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Swordsmaster Talek
Now you can draw Swordsmaster Talek head of the Maraquan army with this step-by-step guide!

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing one circle that will become Talek's head and then two other circles that will become his body.

Now you need to draw a curved rectangle. This will become part of his snout. After that draw two circles for hands, a couple of lines to connect the body circles, and a couple of lines coming off of the body for legs.

Next we need to add more definition to his face. Draw two circles at the top of his body, these will be his shoulders. Now draw two curved lines above his hands. These will be the base of his swords. Next we need to draw a curved line at the bottom of the drawing. This will be part of his tail.

Now draw lots of curved lines coming off of Talek's head. These will be his spikes. We are also going to give Talek a mouth and a little bit of his arms. Draw another curve from his back out towards the front. This will be the other side of his tail. After you have done that draw two large curved lines up from the sword bases that we drew earlier. This is going to be part of the blade.