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Sophie the Swamp Witch
Now you can perform a little magic of your own by drawing a picture of the powerful sorceress Sophie the Swamp Witch!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by creating a medium-sized circle. This will be Sophie's head. Then, slightly overlapping the bottom of the circle, make a large oval for the top of Sophie's body. Finally, below the interlocked shapes you just drew, add another smaller circle.

Form Sophie's waist by connecting the large oval and the small circle below it with some curved lines. Add some flaring lines to the sides of the small circle for Sophie's skirt. Next, draw two small, wide ovals. The oval on your right should overlap Sophie's chest, and the one on your left should be tilted and off to the side of her body. These ovals will eventually become her hands. Now, make a pair of crossed lines on her head to serve as a guide for when you draw Sophie's face. Finally, add a shape to the bottom left side of Sophie's face, which you will later turn into her cheek and snout.

Form the brim of Sophie's hat by making a wide, sweeping "U" shape across the middle of her head. It's now time to begin creating Sophie's face, so give her a wicked smile and a pair of eyes. Under her left hand (the one on your right), draw a "U" shape for the long cuff of Sophie's sleeve. Then, draw Sophie's right arm (the one on your left), by making a curved tube that connects her hand to her body. Don't forget to include Sophie's loose sleeve! Finally, draw a pair of curved lines across Sophie's waist for her belt.

Erase your extra lines. Next, add Sophie's pointy Ixi ears to her head, and make a wavy curved line for the top of Sophie's hat. Finish off her hat's brim by adding a short straight line that goes from the edge of it to her left ear (which is on your right). Give Sophie some long waves of hair on either side of her face. Next, add fingers to Sophie's hands. This might be tough, because she is pointing her fingers at you, but just take it slow and do your best. Make a few tiny curved lines for some detail on the palms of her hands, and add a frayed edge to her sleeves.