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Now you can sssketch Sssidney, the Nimmo who runs the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard Kiosk, in just 12 easy sssteps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start your drawing by making Sidney's basic head shape. Then, to form the brim of his hat, make a wide, tilted oval that overlaps the head shape. Finally, add the top of Sidney's hat above the oval.

Next, draw Sidney's body. He's a bit hunched over, so the lines you use should be quite curved. Then, begin to make his arms. Sidney's right arm (the one on your left) is bent, so draw a pair of parallel L-shaped lines. Add a rectangular shape at the end of his arm for the cuff of his shirt. For Sidney's left upper arm (on your right), just draw two parallel lines beginning at his shoulder.

It's now time to add Sidney's hands. His right hand (on your left) is a bit easier to draw than his left hand, so let's start with it. Sidney's right hand is curled into a fist because he's holding a scratchcard, so simply draw his wrist coming out of the cuff of his shirt, and then make a rounded shape for his hand. For his left hand (the one on your right), draw an oval shape overlapping his upper arm. Draw another rounded shape behind the oval for Sidney's left lower arm. Finally, on the hand shape you just drew, sketch in a few rough shapes for Sidney's outstretched fingers.

Next, begin to sketch Sidney's sinister face. Give him a pair of big eyes and a wide, toothy grin. Don't forget to add a small bump to the middle of his face for his nose.