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Captain Scarblade
All the riches in the sea are his for the taking.

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The first step is to draw a small circle for his head. After you do that draw a rounded triangle for his body.

Now we will make him look a bit more like a pirate. Draw arms and circles for his hands. Now draw some lines down from the body to make his legs. Next draw a line and a half circle on his head for a hat. Give him a neck.

In this part you are going to add some details. Add a tall brim to his hat and some ties from his scarf. Now add some definition to his face by giving him a muzzle. Add a collar and a belt to his clothes. Now make one of his hands a fist.

Next finish adding a few more details to his hat. Give him a nose and a mouth on his muzzle. Now add some frills to his neck area. Next draw a couple of swords in his hands.