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Roxton A. Colchester III
If you were to point at any spot on a map of Neopia, chances are good that Roxton A. Colchester III has been there - from the uppermost peak of Terror Mountain to the mysterious jungles of the Lost Isle. Now you can draw your very own picture of Neopia's newest dashing adventurer!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making a slightly flattened circle for Roxton's head. Next, draw a wide oval that overlaps the head shape for the brim of the Lutari's hat. Finally, make an arc above the hat's brim for the top of the hat.

Next, make two long, curving lines that begin at the bottom of the head shape. These lines will form Roxton's body. At the end of these lines, make another, shorter line to create Roxton's legs. Remember to make his left leg (the one on your right) slightly bent.

It's now time to make the Lutari's arms. To do this, draw a pair of curving lines from each of Roxton's shoulders. His left arm (which is on your right) is bent, so those lines will be more curved. For his hands, add an oval to the end of each of his arms.

At the end of Roxton's right leg (the one on your left), make a rounded shape for his foot. His other foot is behind his right foot, so draw a curved line on the back of Roxton's right leg (on your left) and another, smaller curved line on the side of his right foot to show his left foot.