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The Nightsteed
A blue Uni by day, the Nightsteed reveals its monstrous form as soon as the sun sinks below the Lost Desert sands. Drawing the Nightsteed is complex, but by following these twelve easy steps, youll have your own drawing of this terrifying creature in no time.

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Start by drawing two circles, one slightly larger than the other. The larger circle should be a little below and to the right of the smaller one. Next, make a small oval that overlaps the smaller circle. This will be the Nightsteed's snout. Finally, draw a larger oval to the right of the bigger circle.

Connect the smaller circle to the larger one with two curved lines that form the Nightsteed's neck. Now make a pair of slightly curved lines that come from the bottom of the large circle for one of the Nightsteed's legs. To make his bent front leg, draw a rounded, upside-down L-shape from the front of the body circle, then sketch a short, upside-down T-shape that connects to the front of the Nightsteed's body. For his back legs, make a bent line with a rounded top to form the haunch and leg. Finish off the leg by drawing in another curvy line that connects to the bottom-right side of the oval. To hint at his other back leg, which is partially hidden, make a curved line coming out of the first back leg that you drew. Now, use a pair of curved lines to connect the large circle you started with to the oval, finishing off the Nightsteed's body.

Next, add two leaf-like shapes to his head for ears, and lightly sketch a cross on his head to serve as a guide. Also, finish off his legs and add hooves to them.

Make a narrow cone shape in the centre of the Nightsteed's forehead to create his horn. Next, draw a pair of wings on his back. Remember to make the far wing (the one on your left) smaller, because it's partly hidden by the near wing. Also, give him a long tail.