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The Mutant Grundo
This mutant Grundo doesn't seem to be having a very good day. In fact, he looks quite angry. Maybe having his portrait drawn will cheer him up? Make your very own mutant Grundo drawing by following these 11 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a large oval for the mutant Grundo's body. Then, at the top of the body shape, make a smaller oval that overlaps the larger one. This will be the Grundo's head.

Next, begin working on the mutant Grundo's arms and legs. The mutant Grundo has bulging muscles, so his arms will be formed using a series of ovals. For his left arm (the one on your right), make two oval shapes on the right side of the body shape. To create his right arm (which is on your left), draw two circles on the left side of the body shape. Then, underneath the body shape, add two wide, flat ovals for the mutant Grundo's feet. Finally, add a pair of long antennae to the top of the Grundo's head.

Using some more oval shapes, connect the ovals and circles you made for the mutant Grundo's arms and legs. Then, draw a series of small circles along the Grundo's antennae.

Add even more bulk to the mutant Grundo's arms by making two rounded shapes on the ends of his arms.