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King Roo
Now you can draw the King of Roo Island in just 12 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing a tilted oval for King Roo's head. Then, make a large kidney shape for his body.

Add the King's crown to the top of the head shape you just drew. Next, draw King Roo's floppy ears. Make it so that his right ear (which is on your left side) is connected to the top of his head, next to his crown. For his left ear (on your right), draw a leaf shape just below the crown. You'll finish drawing the rest of his left ear later on.

Now, connect King Roo's head to his body by making two short parallel lines for his neck. Draw a rounded shape on each side of the King's body for his arms. Next, it's time to work on the King's legs and feet. To make his left foot (on your right), simply draw a heart shape on the lower part of his body. For his right leg (on your left), make a small oval that's slightly beneath and to the side of his body. Then, connect that oval to the body shape with a pair of curved lines to form his right leg.

Draw King Roo's long, bouncy Blumaroo tail.