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A member of the Council of Twelve that ruled over Altador, Jerdana was known as "The Protector." She was beloved by the citizens of Altador, whom this Aisha protected and aided by using her powers of sorcery for good. Now you can draw your very own Jerdana, the benevolent protector of Altador.

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing Jerdana's head. Next, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines in the middle of her head shape to serve as a guide when you draw her face.

Add a pair of pointy Aisha ears to the top of Jerdana's head.

Next, begin to draw Jerdana's eyes. For her left eye marking (the one on your right), make a large oval shape, the bottom of which touches the horizontal guideline you drew in the first step. At the bottom of this oval, make a small almond shape. Because her head is turned, only the inside corner of Jerdana's right eye (on your left) is visible. Lastly, draw the inner portion of her right eye marking along the horizontal guideline.

Above the almond shape that you drew for Jerdana's left eye marking (which is on your right), make a curved line that meets the almond shape at both ends. This is Jerdana's eye. Next, draw her mouth, which is slightly open. Finally, erase your guidelines.