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Brave protector of Meridell and caring brother to Lisha, Jeran has a large following and now you can draw him with ease. As his face is quite detailed we have added that as a separate set of stages towards the end.

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing three circles, one on top of the other. The middle one should be slightly larger as this will become Jeran's chest.

Add cheeks and ears onto the top circle (Jeran's head). Next draw four more almost circular shapes where you want Jeran's hands and feet to be.

Draw four more circular shapes for Jeran's forearms and thighs.

Join the thighs and feet together by finishing off the legs. Add two more circles for Jeran's upper arms and draw on a tail. Finally go around your body shape to create a fuller torso and neck.

In this step you will start to add some more details such as hands, hair and the basic outline of his armour. Don't forget to go around the tail shape and make it look hairier with some jagged lines. Try to copy this picture as closely as possible.