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Prince Jazan has invaded Sakhmet with his army of the undead in an attempt to force Princess Amira to marry him. Create your own drawing of the cursed Prince of Qasala by following these easy steps.

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Start by drawing a large circle for the top portion of Jazan's head. Under the circle, draw a squarish shape with curved sides to form his chest.

To complete Jazan's head, add a curved line that connects to the bottom of the head circle you just drew. Also, lightly sketch a vertical line down the centre of the head to serve as your guide when creating Jazan's face. To make Jazan's right shoulder (the one on your left), draw a small circle near the upper lefthand corner of the body shape. Jazan's left arm (on your right) is more stretched out than his right, so for his left shoulder, make an oval in the upper righthand corner of the body shape. Next, add two medium-sized circles under the shapes that you just drew for Jazan's shoulders. These will be his paws. The circle for his right hand should be closer to the shoulder circle, because his right arm is bent at a sharper angle than his left.

Draw two curving lines that go from the top of Jazan's head to his chest. These will form the sides of his headdress. Also, from the bottom corners of the body shape, make a pair of slightly curved lines for Jazan's lower body.

To begin drawing Jazan's Kyrii ears, make two, slightly bent lines on the top of his head. Draw a curved line across Jazan's forehead and, using a pair of downward sloping lines, connect it to the lines that you made for his headdress. Link his right shoulder to his right hand (on your left) with another pair of curved lines. To make his left arm (on your right), draw a sloping line from the inside edge of his shoulder to the hand circle. Next, make another sloping line from the outer edge of Jazan's shoulder oval, but don't connect it to the hand circle. This is because Jazan's cuff will go there. Next, create the basic form of his belt by drawing a pair of curved, horizontal lines just below where Jazan's chest shape meets his lower body. From the bottom edge of the belt, add a line for the fold of his robe.