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This Usul helped to save the town of Neovia by finding a secret ingredient that was needed for the potion that broke a decade-long curse. You can now draw a portrait of brave young Gilly in just 15 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a large circle for Gilly's head. Under the circle, draw two small ovals, which will become Gilly's hands. One oval should be slightly higher than the other. Finally, make a small circle and another oval below the hand circles for Gilly's feet.

It's now time to start forming Gilly's body. Draw a rounded rectangular shape below Gilly's head for her torso. Next, connect the shapes you made for her feet and hands to the body shape with some curved lines. The lines for Gilly's legs should be fairly straight, but the ones that will be her arms should be more curved because her arms are bent.

Now draw Gilly's big, fluffy Usul tail.

Draw a triangular shape on the back of Gilly's head. This will be the tip of her right ear. Then, make a rounded trapezoid shape at the bottom of the body shape for Gilly's skirt.