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Eliv Thade
A long long time ago, in a castle that lay deep within the Haunted Woods, lived a Kacheek named Eliv Thade. A puzzle writer by profession, Thade prided himself on being able to instantly work out any puzzle that was brought before him, until something went wrong...

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Eliv Thade really isn't that hard to draw if you just take it step by step. Begin by drawing a circle for a head, a cylinder for the body and two more circles for his feet. Then draw a curved line for his tail.

Next give the tail a little detail and add two lines for his crossed arms. Lastly give the head a bit more shape by adding two ears and an eyebrow, like so.

Erase your extra lines and then draw one large circle and one small circle inside his head. This will be his eyes.

Add a little detail to Eliv's costume, then a small nose and mouth. Lastly make his eyes squinty, like so. Don't forget the little lines underneath the large eye that make him look more grumpy.