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Now you can draw your very own portrait of Cylara, the brave, young Cybunny who was drawn into the fight against Dr. Sloth and ended up joining the fighters of the Resistance.

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for Cylara's head. Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on it to act as a guide when you draw her facial features and a short, curved line at the bottom of the circle to serve as a basis for her body. Next, make two small ovals for her paws and a pair of slightly larger ovals for her feet.

It's now time to begin forming Cylara's body. First, draw a wide oval for her hips. Next, connect the hip oval to her head with a pair of curved lines. Then, begin drawing Cylara's arms and legs by using lines to connect her paws and her left foot (the one on your right) to her body.

Continue working on Cylara's body by filling out her arms and left leg (which is bent). Also, begin drawing her right leg by connecting her right foot (on your left) to her bent left leg with a curvy line. Finally, add some hair to her head and draw her shoulders.

Erase any extra lines you might have on your drawing. Next, add Cylara's ears to the top of her head and draw the fluffy ruff of fur around her neck. Then, finish drawing her right leg (which is on your left). Lastly, give more shape to the Cybunny's head, and add fingers and toes to her paws and feet.