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The Darkest Faerie
Draw the beautiful but deadly scourge of Neopia in 16 simple steps... if you dare!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing the Darkest Faerie's head. Lightly sketch in a pair of crossed lines where her face will be to serve as a guide for drawing her facial features.

Make a pair of small, curved lines connecting to the bottom of the Darkest Faerie's head to form her neck. Erase any extra lines you might have.

Add a pointed faerie ear to the side of her head. Then, using the guidelines you made earlier, draw the Darkest Faerie's eyes. Her right eye (the one on your left) should be smaller, because her head is slightly turned.

Make a line across each of her eyes for her long, dark eyelashes. Next, add circles inside each of the Darkest Faerie's eyes. Lastly, give her a small, delicate nose.